Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Holy Cow, My little guy is growing up!!!

In just a few days my little string bean will be ONE YEAR OLD! I am so excited for him to grow in his toddler years so we can play and make fun crafts together. This evening Briggy suprised me with a lesson of how QUICK and unexpected the growing up process can be.
I was sitting indian-style on the floor and had briggy on my lap. We were watching our favorite Hooked on Baby DVDs. Briggy loves it because there are cute cartoons that clap, sing...and little kids giggling through nursery rhymes. Anyway, we were watching and lately he has been really trying to stand up from sitting position. He mananged to do it a few times today, and this evening, he got up from my lap and stood up. He was standing pretty steady for a good while, and then something exciting on the TV provoked him to TAKE THREE STEPS towards the TV!!!! Briggy took his very first stepppppppssssssssss! yipppppppppppppie! I was so excited I could nearly contain myself. We were clapping together like crazy and shouting YEA!! WOW!!!! I wa hoping he would take a few more steps, but he just did a little more standing, but no more successful steps. I have a feeling he might be walking to daddy at the airport in a couple weeks *crossing my fingers* if not, im sure he will be a professional within a month or so!
Of course I am still battling with my camera, but even if it was working, I wouldn't have had it in reach. I am determined to fix the problem tomorrow and take pic's of my BIG BOY BRIGGER!
For whatever reason, right around the time Tom left (Jan 18th) Briggy as really been developing a lot of new skills. Of course I call Tom every time he does something new, but its just not the same :( I know Tom is struggling being away from his little guy, but we only have TWO WEEKS until we can play with daddy!
Sorry for no pictures, I know its not nearly as exciting. But I had to blog about my Brigger's amazing walking!! Go Brigs!



AWESOME! go Brigham! Brock started pulling himself up into standing position a few days ago, {seriously these boys are growing like weeds!} I think Brigham seeing his Daddy will be so exciting he just might run to him!

Rains Family

YAY BRIGGY!!! Keep practicing for daddy, what a great 1st birthday milestone!