Thursday, February 19, 2009

Briggy's One Year Stats

I forgot to post Briggy's stat's after yesterday's appointment.
He had 3 shots (which were terrible, he screamed so intensely so no sound actually came out for awhile--he made the doctor so nervous because he held his breath for so long---but his face was BRIGHT RED!) Poor guy. Then he had his blood tested for anemia, which was even worse...they have the elastic thing tied on his arm while they pump out blood---I didn't think they did it the same way for babies as they do for adults! He sat on my lap in the chair at the lab for that, and that was brutal. Brig had a rough day at the doctors, but I really babied him for the rest of the day. Lots of "cookies" and milk and stories.

As you know from a few days ago Briggy took three steps. He hasn't repeated the feat as of yet, but I know he has it in him! He's been crawling/scooting since 5 1/2 months, and climbing and cruising since 8 I just expected him to be walking by now....but I've read when you have super fast/efficient crawlers/movers they are less inclined to want to try who knows. He can stand without holding on to anything....I guess I'll just have to wait and see what Brigham's plans are!

He is roughly 22 lbs (the doctors had a really hard time weighing him because he would not lay still on the scale) So he could be a little more or a little less.

He is 30 inches long and his head circumference is 18 inches. I think he is about 50%for everything, but the doctor wasn't very thorough in all of that info...she was a different doctor than Briggy normally has.

She asked if he has any words, but really the only things he says on a regular basis is Dada, Hiiiiiiiiiii, and Yea!! and very very RARELY he says mama. She said not to worry, since he is technically only "11 months" old, she said his vocabulary should be on target by 13-14 months.

This new doctor also made a comment about the "orangeness" of his face. I have been wondering about that myself, because he's had that for about 5 months now. She said it was something to do with his Beta Carotene intake. He does tend to eat more orange/yellow food...but I guess just because there is more of it. He eats plenty of green beans, avocado, broccoli and peas...but I guess it doesn't outweigh the other stuff....and this past month I haven't been pureeing my own I am at the mercy of the grocery store---whatever they have jarred!

I have been giving him Stoneyfield Organic Whole Milk the past few days and he likes it! (thank goodness!) I was worried because he wouldn't drink formula out of his sippy cup--only water and apple juice...but he's doing really good with milk.

This morning he had a big boy breakfast: French toast sticks and bananas! No more icky formula-cereal mush. (Thank goodness, that formula makes me gag every morning when I make and feed it to him!)

All in all, Briggy is doing AWESOME! He QUADRUPLED his take home weight which is EXCELLENT!!!! and is totally on track with everything. Can you imagine if he had been born full term at his projected weight...and quadrupled? He'd be about 35 lbs!!!



I am cracking up at your comment the DR made at his "orange" skin tone. Remember I asked you about that?? He has this permanent facial tan--It's so cute!! I thought it might have to do with his Vit A intake....


That is awesome my name is Brigham too and I also went by the nickname Briggy