Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Craft Boutique

I know, I know...we are stuck all the way out here away from all the *glitz and glamour* of Utah crafting....but I know most of your families are from that neck of the woods...and I thought I would help promote my friend Liza's in-home boutique she is hosting October 11th. She makes the most beautiful things...I pretty much emulate her in all my craft *attempts* anyway, I thought I'd post the info in case you want to let any of your family in on it, that may enjoy seeing, buying and enjoying good company. If you are interested in the information, you can email me for her address, or email Liza at:
And, if you are like me and fall madly in love with her can always buy them off her online store: --- you just can't find cute stuff like this out here!

Liza's blog also has more pictures and information--and I'm sure she'll have more posts leading up to the event.