Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Seven Months!! Pictures from last week

I had left my camera battery charger at Grandma and Grand-dad Tillotson's on labor day after I took pictures of Briggy on his 7 month mark, the camera died, and I wasn't able to transfer the pics, without further ado....

This is how Brigham greeted me on the morning of the 15th:

Then as a treat (that turned into a discovery of what we THINK is a milk allergy) Brigham enjoyed his very first taste of yogurt:

His little "birthday" gift: The collection of Sport Squeaker Sesame Street books! (He loooooves these!) and his new favorite snack:

Other than Brigham breaking out in a scary rash after eating the yogurt, and many hours of was a pretty nice day. I am going to try and give him some yogurt again next week to see what happens---hopefully it was just a fluke and he won't be allergic.