Thursday, September 4, 2008

Halloween Costume Search!

I have been checking up on websites constantly the past couple weeks for a cute halloween costume for Briggy. I finally found the one I wanted!! Its the cutest lion costume...(it was a toss up between the lion and monkey) It was sold out in 75% of the sites, but I found it at its for $50 PLUS shipping. I knew that was ALOT, but I had my heart set on it...but I just got an email from saying they are NOT CHARGING shipping on halloween costumes! I checked it out, and they have the LION costume for a cheaper price--plus, the shipping is free---yea! anyway, just want to let all you moms in on it, because theyre prices are competitive with all the other online stores (trust me, ive looked at at least 10) and you cant beat free shipping! if you do buy on the site, I think they MIGHT ask who referred you. (We sometimes buy diapers and baby stuff on that site) so if you plug in my name and email, I think they give us points toward money off....Im not positive though. In any case, that would be nice!
kelly tillotson:

hope you find some cute costumes!!!

PS-Im calling SHOTGUN on the Lion costume to ANYONE in the Greater Springfield area!!!!! hehehe. I want Briggy to be the ONE and ONLY! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!



That is a very cute costume! Congratulations on your great find...I'm sure Briggy will be the best looking baby lion around!!!


so cute Ryszard wants Brock to be Winnie the Pooh but I am so not a pooh fan. i found a cute costume at the childrens place. it's a turtle outfit, now I just have to get Ryszard to see it. My brother mark thought it was wicked cute. so maybe he'll help me get ryszard on board