Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So sad....

As you may remember in a blog entry a week or two ago, I shared a picture and my delight in the lion costume I planned on getting for Brigham this year....Well today was the day I planned on buying it.....(I have checked the status of it everyday since friday...when I was sick I didnt check....) And guess what apparently happened this weekend....a world-wide shopping spree on lion costumes. Diapers.com sold out! I checked the ten other sites I looked on before diapers.com and they were still all sold out...amazon.com has ONE left for almost 70 bucks (thats with shipping) As adorable as that lion costume is, I cannot spend that much on it...thats crazy! Hopefully next year they'll have it and it will be at the "last season" discount price. Anyway, I found a replacement costume for Briggy...it was one of my other favorites on the site....the only thing I just realized though...is that it doesnt come with those grey slacks...so I'll have to find some black pants or (tights) for Briggy to wear.

I really wanted that dang lion costume...I was even thinking of dressing up like Dorthy and making Tom the scarecrow...oh well, this little spidey is very cute.



Brigham will look adorable as a little spider too! I found some cheap black sweat pants at Target last year to go with Owen's costume. I wish I still had them, but I sent them, along with the costume back to my brother for his son to wear this year. But maybe you can find some more at Target!

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a spider will be oh so cute. too bad though, it is hard to be disappointed when we wanted something so badly. i guess it's good that Briggy is so cute that it wouldn't matter what he dressed up as!


totally cute spider! can't wait to see our little guys all dressed up!