Monday, September 29, 2008 months?

I feel like I'm going through the "terrible twos" with Brigham. Isn't he a little early on this one!? Ever since Brigham was 2 weeks old he has LOVED his bath. He lounges and has a great time....Then this week, its like I have a new baby....I put him in for a bath, I even got out some toys and he screamed BLOODY MURDER...I mean, lip quivering full on freak attack. I initially pulled him right out and thought maybe the water was too hot...but it wasn't in the least bit. He screamed all through the bath...Every bath since then has been as excruciatingly painful. Is that normal? To all the sudden just change on something he's never had a problem with before? Another thing that has driving me LOCA is I can't leave his sight...not even his sight...I have to be right there next to him, playing with him, giving him 100% attention. From the beginning Briggy has been very attached and never a great "independent" player...but its getting worse and worse each day. He screams and has fits if I get up from the floor and sit on the couch, put him in the jumperoo and walk into the kitchen...I even put him in the highchair when I was cooking this evening so he'd be in the same room as me....not good enough! unless i was singing, write up next to him, handing him snacks or praising his water drinking, he'd flip. I am surely going to lose my mind. Is this a common phase in babies his age? Please tell me this is a passing one....or I will never get anything done...ever.


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Addy went through separation anxiety for a little bit, and it passed. I don't remember if I did anything to help get rid of it, but it did drive me crazy!!


Wait until you have 3!!!It's always something. I always tell myself, "this too will pass" It's the BEST time and the hardest time.


Owen did the same thing with the passed though. Sometimes he will scream for a little bit when I put him in the bath, but I make him stay in and he gets use to it. Owen also loves to have my attention...which is very hard when I'm trying to make dinner! If I'm just sitting around doing nothing he will happily play by soon as I start doing something he freaks out! But this stage is passing...thankfully! I'm hoping it doesn't come back when Holly comes along!

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this is the age for separation anxiety! no fun, but he'll get over it. some of it will take time and some of it can be made better. you can play peek-a-boo with him. it helps the brain develop into knowing that even though you can't see someone, they are there or will come back! Good luck.