Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Seven Months!

I have some really cute pictures....but I cant find my battery charger for the until I can get my hands on it....I cant transfer my pictures to the computer :(
We have had a fun...then NERVE wracking day. It starting off great, by me walking in to see Briggy sitting up in his crib nice and straight, just chillin. That was a cute pic....then we had Yo Baby banana yogurt for breakfast for the first time! Well, Briggy loved it, and ate it faster than I thought humanly possible. Unfortunately thats where the nerve-wracking comes from. When he woke up from his afternoon nap, I changed him and noticed redness on his I undressed him, and his neck, tummy and back were covered in pinky-red blotches. AHHHHH. As you know, I freak out over EVERYTHING and started panicking thinking I just poisoned my child and he has a milk allergy....well I called the doctor and she said if its like that tomorrow to bring him in...if its not a reaction to the yogurt, what could it be? I did give him about 5 of those gerber sweet potato puffs today too...the rash looked like what he had when he had contact with a blanket washed with highly fragrant detergent/fabric softener....but he didn't have contact with anything like that today. So of course I am a nervous wreck thinking that he's going to have a milk allergy and not be able to eat anything normal. *cross your fingers* and say a prayer for my little guy...I would hate for him to have allergies. Hopefully I'll have the pictures up later tonight or tomorrow.



Good luck at the doctors! I hope he isn't allergic to milk...that will be a lot of work keeping him away from milk if he is.


Hi! This is Becky (serendipitous13) and I thought I'd try to answer some of your questions. Your son's symptoms definitely sound like a milk allergy. (But also could have been caused by something else too, you never know!) I probably sound so calm because I had a milk allergy when I was a baby so I was sort of looking for it. (Yes, some food allergies can be genetic, but they don't have to be.) And that's also one of the reasons I waited until 10 months to give Ben, our son, any kind of dairy. Your son, like mine, doesn't seem to have had a very severe reaction. Since the rash went away I would not be too concerned. The runny nose could be from any number of things. Is Brigham teething? That caused Ben to have the runniest nose ever! Most babies DO grow out of milk allergies. I don't ever remember not having milk, so I'm assuming I grew out of mine pretty early. I gave Ben some Benedryl to help with any itchiness the rash is causing, but it doesn't seem to be bothering him at all. It's natural to be worried. Even more so when it's not something you're looking for to happen. I'll probably try giving him more yogurt in a couple months, around his first birthday. If he has another reaction then I'm going to talk to his doctor about it at his one year check-up. Until then, I'll be avoiding giving him dairy. They don't need it at this age anyway, just breast milk.
I hope I helped ease your mind at least a little bit! Check back at my live journal if you want, I'll probably update about what happens with Ben's allergy. :)