Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So many little time.

(Briggy is my leaky faucet. drip drip drip)

I have taken a lot of cute pictures of Briggy the past week, but we were up in Bellingham/Cape Cod visiting Grandma and Grand-dad Tillotson....and when I am home I have VERY limited time to be on the computer (unless very late at night when my boys are asleep...if you look, you'll notice a lot of posts are at midnight!) So, here goes nothing...

The first pictures are from last Wednesday. Briggy always likes being read to (more specifically, HE "reads" to me....) but on this day in particular, Brigham would not put the books down. I caught him looking at the book throughout the entire not sure if this is a sign that my little Briggy is a book worm...or if he found his new favorite chew toy--you be the judge!

Next are a couple silly shots of Brigham..."Cleavage" Shots, to be exact. Don't mind me being a goob.

So as you all know from my rant last week, Briggy has been teething and being a real crab-apple lately. Well, I forgot I bought this little contraption until the other day and it has been a life-saver...Briggles loves it! You put food in it, and babies can suck the food out through the mesh, so as to get the benefit from eating fresh food that isnt pureed...without choking. I have been putting frozen banana's in sooth his little gums, and give him a mid-morning snack. Lucky boy.

Last but not least, a couple shots from our labor-day weekend. We hung out with Grandma and Granddad on Sunday and Monday at their house...biking, walking (enjoying the PERFECT WEATHER!) and then on Tuesday, driving up to the Cape. We stopped in Chatham and Provincetown. I love the grassy sand-dunes and rickety fences. So beautiful. (The picture of us next to the Buddhist statue was at WA, a insanely gorgeous asian store that had a garden in the back with koi ponds and pretty statues. Dont mind how icky I look--and focus on my cute boys!